This program is for creators who want to have  influence on social media while driving leads and awareness about a business.

Step 1

Schedule Meeting

If you are as committed to success as we are, all you need to do is schedule a meeting with us

Step 2

Vet Meeting

Understanding what we do before scheduling a meeting with us so that we can determine what or where you need us.

Step 3

Duck Test Analysis Creation

The Duck Test is our specific analysis if your brand is currently portraying itself at an industry quality level. If it is GREAT! If its not we outline why its not. Cuz as they say, if it looks like a duck, and waddles like a duck, and quacks like a duck, its probably a duck!

Step 4

Have Meetings

Getting to know our team.

With a clear understanding of our services and what they can do for your career.

Step 5


We'll show you the steps to how you will advance and move forward. Get a clear decision once it is set!

Step 6

Finance Arangement

A financial plan has been outlined, which will please us both.

Step 7

Schedule Meeting

A plan has been discussed that identifies the allies and the opponents while clearly outlining the goals so that we can see what the end result will be.

Step 8

The Game Approval

Both parties communicate and clarify, resulting in an agreement to move forward or end the relationship.

Step 9

What Do You Produce

The executive selects valuable final products for the organization.

Step 10

Communication Systems

You are set up to communicate effectively with our staff, and accounts are set up for you to manage your organization.

Step 11

Mail Resources

You have everything necessary to record high-quality videos.

Step 12

How To Shoot Content

Of course, as a content creator, you must also know how to use the equipment. Once you have created content, it will be sent to our team.

Step 13

Story Arc

A broad strategy is developed with ideas for marketing and positioning the items or services.

Step 14

Product Matching

To begin, examine the cost of production and potential return on investment for products/services, and choose one product and one service with a minimum ROI of greater than 5x.

Step 15

Organizational Basics Creation

The Executive analyzes and plans the critical measures required to ensure the organization's continuous growth.

Step 16

The Role of the Executive

You have everything you need to explain the out function of the firm, the in the function of the company, the technical function of the company, and outline methods on how they will be able to start that from one person.

Step 17

Shot List Creation

discussing what we want, we must perceive and anticipate all of the shots required to create a compelling story and position products.

Step 18

Shot Location and Alternatives

Identify potential disruption points, consider alternatives, reach out and negotiate with primary and alternate venues, and set reminders to contact places to assure confirmation.

Step 19

Shooting Approval

You understand and approve of the way it will be presented!

Step 20

Shooting Checksheet

We create a list of all the resources, personnel, and authorizations required based on the shot list provided by you.

Step 21

Potential Investment Notice

Having a clear picture on shooting and the whole marketing of the working project, all additional investment and other foreseen barriers should be communicated and known by all parties. 


Step 22

Sales Scenario Breakdown

Providing clarity for forecast scenarios that makes executives understand advertising budget, video creating impacts and certainly achieve financial milestones provided in outlined PDF form.

Step 23

Sales Process Approval

The executive ensures understanding of the whole project that has been working, and reviews the documents in making a budget and for the duplication of the information to make a decision in moving forward with the business. 

Step 24

Product Sourcing

Understand the basics of the delivery process by developing and delivering early stage versions of products and services to a potential clients.

Step 25

Journal and Graphing

Keep track of successful acts and graph the outcomes of everyday actions. Helping you to understand the needs in growing an organization by providing the journals for successful action that graph all results taken daily. 

Step 26

Website Creation

Get a website if you don't have one yet. This can be used for your business and A finished website that can receive money and clearly sets out the important aspects of the organization

Step 27

Social Dashboard Set Up

Create a platform account and participate in social media by posting; you must be able to see accurate data on the impact of your postings.

Step 28

Social Story Lines

Make a storyline, best to have a content series to get people back to your page, make trial and error to make your post proportion. Come-up with 15 storylines ideas, choose at least 5 best ideas, make a 5 post per series, and analyze the outcome. 

Step 29

Pre-production Checklist Completion

Plan ahead of time, ensure everything is ready, review the shooting check sheet and ensure that everything is completed towards the given schedule. 

Step 30

Shooting Day Equipment and Staff Checklist

All team members have understood all travel plans, checking luggage requirements, and ensuring all equipment and personnel are ready to go.

Step 31

Shooting Day Check Sheet

Assures you that all shoots go as planned. The director has a shooting list, all cast information, and all permits and other permissions to shoot at certain locations.

Step 32

Shooting Day Checklist

Review the shot list, check that the audio and video satisfy quality requirements, and make sure that the director has all of the requested shots recorded with excellent audio and cinematography.

Step 33

Editor Story Package Delivery

Pre-scan and choose content worthy of sending, and all relevant content is edited and forwarded to our staff. to the editor and the content creator

Step 34

Content Creation Delivery

Our team gets content and analyzes it; if any tweaks are required, our staff will give them back to you; and usable content from the shoot will be uploaded to platforms and scheduled for usage on the dashboard.

Step 35

Client Story Approval

Choose a storyline that will meet your ambition to be KNOWN for one thing and the storylines for social media have been decided, and video shooting content has reached an adequate level to proceed.

Step 36

Client Content Approval

You work with the content team to ensure that the media represents the executive's vision, and you'll have the assets you need to advertise and promote a concept.

Step 37

Basic Organization Documents

We begin to smooth things out concerning the organization's foundations, its important final product, and its fundamental acts because some new members may not grasp how the company works. 

Step 38

Basic Program Flow Charts

It is critical to have a visual representation of what happens when a prospect becomes a customer in your company. List the major objectives, organize them in order, and sketch them on a paper document that depicts flow.

Step 39

Power Branding Surveys

Listing all of the information you want to know, put it in question form, then conduct a Google survey or client survey to learn more.

Step 40

Power Positioning Surveys

Receiving the survey results and having a clear understanding of what your target market thinks, as well as seeking suggestions on how to effectively represent your product or service to the public.

Step 41

Power Process Surveys

A survey to identify public demands; this will offer us with a statistical grasp of your audience's preferences in terms of price, contact, and other process-driven notions.

Step 42

New Data Implementation

Apply survey results to update all website, marketing and sales materials.

Step 43

The 3 Function Team

Understanding and creating the basic functions on how you will expand your organization

Step 44

Public Relations Strategy

Outlining strategy and steps to get the largest amount of the public interested in your business. 

Step 45

Opt in Testing Process

Launching and quantifying the public relations campaign to identify prospects that believe they want your products and services.

Step 46

Your Sales Page

Creating the messaging and space & upsells that optimizes the amount of money that is brought in digitally. 

Step 47

Executive Exam

Demonstration of understanding

Step 48

Power Partnership Discovery

Reaching out to tv networks, agencies and the ideal partners to forward the movement toward the goal.

Step 49

One Sale Achieved

Optimize until the journaled process of a sale has been completed.

Step 50


Journal the fulfillment of the sale or service.

Step 51


Creating a quality and validity checklist

Step 52

Program Blueprint Creation

Documenting the entire process and business up to this point and what processes will be needed moving forward.

Step 53

Endorsement and Referral Program

Creating a plan to turn 1 sale into 2.

Step 54

Next Steps Plan

Analyze your current situation and create a written strategic plan to expand.

Step 55

Review & Recap

An exit interview of our work up to this point, and your opinion of its quality.

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