RealityShow.com Mission


The goal of this organization is to be known as the #1 company in the USA to work with if you want to build a brand that excites your target market online.


Make the world a better place by helping 1500 individuals per year, The world is in need of heroes. We want this organization to make a ton of money, but we want to help individuals that are going to also make the world a better place.

Create opportunity for every member of the organization to earn $100,000 yearly or more. We can create enough value to all win financially if enough value is created.


Speed is king complete your tasks quick AF. If you think you can get something done faster do it. If you can 'cheat' to win DO IT. Get the numbers up as fast as possible. Its your supervisors job to increase quality and spot problems if they arise.

Do not lie lying is what happens in groups that cannot confront truth. We are not one of those groups. Lying is grounds for immediate termination.

Statistics not emotions stats are to be graphed daily or weekly. They are how you get paid, and are the ONLY judge on how your performance is in this organization. There are NO teachers pets, brownie points, etc. The only factor that determines your relationship to the organization are your STATS.


Create 100k per week in cashflow. This cashflow amount will give the organization the base to operate and expand at its desired rate.

Fill out entire organization with people. When the targeted cashflow amount is hit 4 weeks in a row, there will be a post and hat filled for all departments in the organization

Open a physical location. When the previous target is hit, we will open a location to centralize operation and increase the speed of content creation.

Sign talent. Turn all key members of the organization into personalities online, sign rising talent for podcasts and other opportunities


Fame Factory. This program was created to do everything (communication, sales, finance, technical, quality control and public relations) for a business owner when starting a business online.

Product Match. This program was created to provide the Fame Factory service for individuals in high profit industries, where we can partner with the business owner. 

Star Maker. This program is designed to help creators produce high quality social media content

JumpStart Live. This in person workshop is designed to build a creators online business within days.


Special projects will be discussed during weekly Thursday meetings. 


Orders will be discussed during weekly Thursday meetings

Ideal Scenes

Current Scene There is chaos on social media when it comes to what is the correct thing to do to get attention and grow a brand. Creators dont know what to do so they try many different things to try to achieve a result, but ultimately end up failing.

Ideal Scene A productive individual wants to get known for a skill, talent or business. They know that if they contact RealityShow.com they can unlock the key to notoriety and money.


Statistics will be kept and updated every Thursday at 2pm. 

Valuable Exchangeable Product

A Hero that has an industry standard look, digital income producing assets & is advertising a message in a way that will make the business owner high value.