Empower the everyday person to effectively craft and relay stories 

and insight to get the viewer to take  action by getting in 

touch with the business.



An infomercial for people who want to increase the probability of the public like them allows the average person to effectively write and share stories and information to connect to the  audience to take action by visiting the business.

Imagine what it would be like to...

have great videos and content that will make a ton of sales for you

have high-quality videos, ready-to-use email, and a website with great content that will increase sales volume.

earn you thousands, as the videos will answer and position your brand to the public rather than you having to do it on the phone

Save days of your life by giving all labeled films organized and ready to inspire your viewers.

have a huge asset in hiring staff to create a new booming team that has mastery of selling and creating videos.

increase the probability of customers and viewers will pay for your product or service.

Now imagine what it would be like to accomplish those things easily.

You CAN with an outstanding
ebook and a mini video course.

When someone visits your website, the system serves as your digital sales team. The information in the videos communicates to the viewer in a way that increases the Know, Like, and Trust ratio, thereby increasing the probability they will pay you for your product or service.

That's why you're going to love Like-O-Mercial.

You're going to love

Like-O-Mercial serves all people who want to have to get their views to increase.

The like-O-Mercial system comprises creating 9 content modules that will result in over 10 videos that will act as your digital sales team and make you thousands of dollars over the following several years.

generate great material with Like-O-Mercial. 

Create amazing videos 

and inspire your viewers

Like-O-Mercial is incredibly easy to use, even if if you don't
think you're not getting viewers because of low-quality
videos and impactful content.

You're going to love

Open Like-O-Mercial 

 choose the type of ad you want to create, and the copywriter's script you want to use.

Answer questions about your brand.

 Don't worry! We'll provide you with examples to help
you answer them.

View the customized, completed ad

 Make your final edits before saving it as a Word doc, PDF file,
PPT file, or Google doc.There are a few steps in entering

this system

Try Like-O-Mercial, and you'll also receive
a special bonus!

Core offer: $67

Because Like-O-Mercial aims to serve those who wanted to boost their sales and open an opportunity to improve their business, it's available at a discounted rate for a limited time.

Be part of our Like-O-Mercial family to grow your business. 

Try Like-O-Mercial, and you'll also receive
a special bonus!

• Instant digital download to the Like-O-Mercial essential guide for $67

• the system consists of generating 9 modules of content that will output over 10 videos that will serve as your digital sales team and earn you thousands over the next few years. 

• The 9 modules are broken down into 58 labeled micro shots and color coordination of the clips on the editing guide turns to accomplish the shot list into a polished video a 3rd-grade level task. 

• the nine modules as puzzle pieces that will combine in multiple ways for your business's essential needs, from a 60-second Facebook ad to a complete 20-minute video presentation about you and your business. 

• You are going to have great videos and content that will make a ton of sales for you

• 5 parts of effective stories that can influence your viewers. 

• Conducting a one-on-one interview for 4 types of stories from different perspectives with testimonials of friends, clients, and the process to make a strong concept of your product and services. 

• Providing complete labeled shots and a blueprint that you can follow and create just using a cell phone

• Strong and interesting content that will surely catch your viewer's attention.


• It takes 3 base concepts, the hero's journey, being an expert in your field, and sharing a hobby, and communicates them in a TV-style format. 

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