This JumpStart Live page breaks down an example of what you will get for your brand!

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With the content we collaborate to create for your brand you will get your own website and system that will work 24/7 365 to provide you with the funding you need to get the word out and grow your business or idea.

We have worked on many projects over our time period. The business model that we will create for you is inspired by the book Product Launch by Jeff Walker. We suggest you read it before you attend the event. 

We aren't partnered with Jeff Walker or endorsed by him in any way. We are giving him credit because his book and ideas can change your life as it did ours.

He is the man. The book is amazing. We have taken the concepts, mastered them, and created a process to rapidly create the media content that allows a creator to implement the launch model he breaks down in his book.

Example #1 - A Service Based Business

There is an example of Katie Beydler, a entrepreneur in the Denver, Colorado area.

This is an example funnel to sell a service. There is a free offer in exchange for scheduling a meeting. Before the meeting 3 different videos are emailed to the prospect to build the Know, Like and Trust factors.

She is using the 3 step sideways sales letter launch model (as described in the Launch Book) to schedule meetings for her nanny placement business

Her business - https://kscolorfulcare.com/

This is the page that announces her as the hero: https://kscolorfulcare.com/journey

This page demonstrates she's an expert: https://kscolorfulcare.com/expert

This is a video that makes her more human : https://kscolorfulcare.com/grow

Her opt in page: https://kscolorfulcare.com/freeweek

Here is her target / sales / booking page: https://kscolorfulcare.com/work-with-us/

Example #2 - A business owner getting a major TV deal - Boxer Ron Johnson inks multi year boxing contract with Ballys Sports

Ron is a boxing promoter, he used video content to build a story around his events.

His company EntroBox combined captivating story lines to land a MULTI million dollar deal with Bally's Sports.

Check him out on instagram.

Example #3 - Digital Offer + Launch Funnel to Automated Webinar Delivery - No Salesperson Needed 

Time is a crucial factor in life!

With the JumpStart Live program you will get a system that can be designed to work 24/7 365. We can create it so it can make money automatically.

In this example we will use a side project we have that does marketing for musicians. This funnel is 100 percent automated.

When individuals sign up, the info goes directly to our fulfillment team and we get the money!

Sign up for the next workshop and let us build this for your company or idea.

The is the business: https://artistsupnext.com/

This is the sales page / the page we want all of the traffic to end up eventually - https://artistsupnext.com/foundations/

This is the opt in page we send paid traffic to - https://artistsupnext.com/fdo/

This is the first page that tells the heros journey - https://artistsupnext.com/fdol1/

This is the second page that teaches content and establishes the hero as an expert - https://artistsupnext.com/fdol2/

This is the third page that motivates tells the prospect an offer is coming soon - https://artistsupnext.com/fdol3/

This is the 4th page that links to the webinar that does the sale and sends to the sales offer - https://artistsupnext.com/fdol4/

A variation of the above launch models can be used to sell or push a prospect to do anything, and have them fully educated, know you, and like you before they get on the phone or in contact with you.

There is a ton that is built behind and invisibly thru the CRM that is not seen at first glance if you just see the website. So you can see exactly every single thing we will create for you we will list them all below. You need ALL of the things below to make the funnel pages above work properly.

Pre workshop creation:

Company Logo 

Survey - optional

Product / service logo 

Awesome giveaway or secret to build a list

Advertisements - Done at the workshop

Agreed Upon End Result Ad + Ad copy 

Direct To The Point Ad + Ad copy 

Dont Be Like This Guy Doing The Same Thing Ad + Ad copy 

We Are Outraged You Havent Take Action Ad + Ad copy 

Let Us Do It For You - Ad + Ad copy 

Videos Done at the Workshop:

  1. Short Like-o-mercial  - short offer - this is a 1 to 4 minute video that breaks down the problem, your solution and details the offer - its best used after someone needs to be closed and has seen previous materials from you

  2. Medium like-o-mercial  - hiring expanded - This video is used when you want to educate potential employees, partners or affiliates on what you do and who you are

  3. Long like-o-mercial  - long sales video - This is the love form infomercial style video that tells the heroes story with the intention to sell a product if no one has seen or come across the hero until the point of watching. The video should get a brand new person to the point of knowing, liking and trusting the hero enough in the 15 to 30 minutes enough to pay for the offer.

  4. FAQ video - The point of this video is to answer common questions but more importantly to show your personality and repel the wrong types of customers away from your business and attract the right ones

  5. Hiring Video - This is a video that is a communication line to like minded people, you should always look for ways and people to expand your organization

  6. Lets go video - This is a video with the intention of being a hard sales video instructing the prospect what action to take and why. Use this video when you are sure the prospect has enough information about the hero AND knows what the offer is. 

  7. Process video - this video goes over what makes your product or service RARE & how you do what you do.

  8. Story line 1 - hero - this video explains the origin of the heroes journey, and how they got to the point they are at now

  9. Story line 2 - expert - this video shows the prospect why the hero is the best at what they do and the uniqueness of the heroes approach

  10. Story line 3 - passion - this video makes the hero a “human”, rounds out the aspirational business ideas wit showing that we have more in common with them. This video also announces the cart will be open in a few days.for a special opportunity.

  11. Testimonial 1 - this is a testimonial from a friend or client that talks about the character of the hero or business. If you have absolutely none of those, you can go on Fiverr and hire a spokesperson to make a statement or 2 about the concepts or principles your business is created from. (Notice, i did not say to hire them and lie about you and how awesome you are)

  12. Testimonial 2 - this is a testimonial OR content from a reliable source that the hero is on the right path in terms of the service or product offering

  13. Upsell 1 - the luxury / upgraded opportunity - this isa video turning the core offer into an offer for a super luxury opportunity, increasing the speed, or getting them more of what they purchased amount wise.

  14. Upsell 2 - the subscription opportunity -  this is a video offering something the prospect can pay for monthly along with or on top of the core offer.

   15. Upsell 3 - the once in a lifetime opportunity - this is a video that is a hail mary. If you lived in a world where money was very easy to come by, this video is an offer to the public that is once in a life time.

Copy, Content & Emails

- Core offer sales letter 

- 10+ Faqs about you business and responses 

- Every step of your offer written out step by step after money is exchanged to completion 

- A story of why someone would sign up 

- Hiring video description 

- Opt in page copy 

- Story line 1 description 

- Story line 2 description 

- Story line 3 description 

- Short upsell 1 description 

- Short upsell 2 description 

- Short upsell 3 description 

- Opt in confirmation email 

- Opt in indoctrination email 

- Hero Launch email 

- Expert Launch email 

- Passion Launch Email 

- Get ready email 

- Prepare Yourself email

- Open Cart Email 

- Day 1 - First Mover Special bonus Email 

- Day 2 - Great response Email 

- Day 3 - Nothing like this - the process video email

- Day 4 - 2 Days Warning - Dont be a talker email - Lets go video 

- Day 5 - 1 day left - do this or else - testimonials video 

- Day 5 - 9 hours left, dont live in regret - payment plans available email

- Day 5 - Last email - payment plans email

- Launch is closed email

Web Pages

/o - Optin - this page captures the name and email of the prospect and adds them to your autoresponder in exchange for the really cool free offer you are advertising to get people thru the door of your business.

/othx - Optin Thank you -  this page is cookied as an opt in on paid advertising platforms. This page instructs them to check email to get the offer they signed up for.

/download - Optin Download Page - this link is contained in the first email in autoresponder, on this page they can download the free offer

/hero - Hero Launch page - this is a page with the hero affinity video on it, a headline on top of the video mentioning the start of the heroes journey,  underneath the video there are facebook comments and links for people to follow you on social media or join a facebook group you run

/expert - Expert Launch page - this is a page with the expert affinity video on it, a headline on top of the video speaking to the work put in to become the expert, underneath the video there are links to case studies, additional videos or content, facebook comments and links for people to follow you on social media or join a facebook group you run

/passion - Passion Launch page - this is a page with the passion affinity video on it, a headline on top of the video about outside of work etc,  underneath the video there are facebook comments and links for people to follow you on social media or join a facebook group you run and a BOLD warning to look out for an email soon for an exciting opportunity launching soon

/go - Core Offer Sales Page - this is the traditional super long sales page. This page has the long like-o-mercial, the faq video, the process video, testimonial 1 and 2 videos and the lets go video on it.

/checkout - Checkout page - this is the page where the card details & paypal link reside to sign up for the offer

/u1 - Upsell 1 page - this page has the upsell video, a short description, a button to sign up and a button to deny opportunity.

/u2 - Upsell 2 page - this page has the upsell video, a short description, a button to sign up and a button to deny opportunity.

/u3 - Upsell 3 page - this page has the upsell video, a short description, a button to sign up and a button to deny opportunity.

/gothx - Core Offer thank you page - this page confirm the order, and any upsells selected and directs to the next onboarding steps

/team - Join our team page - this is a page with the hiring video on it when a button underneath to contact you on facebook etc

/privacy - Privacy policy page - get privacy policy and put it on this page

/support - Support page - contact info and refund policy page - put that information on this page

/plans - Payment plans page - links to sign up for different payment plans and custom plans

YES. This is a whole lot of content.

This is why coming to this event is worth every penny.

You get 52 pieces of content, thats broken down as such:

15 videos

15 web pages

22 images / gifs / clips broken down from long video format


Sign up and we will see you soon.

Important Links

Milestone Chart - See all of the major steps that happen from the second you sign up until the end of the workshop

Past Clients - Join our long line of success

Finished Example - See what your brand can look like in 7 days

Sample Itinerary - Get an idea of your time with us

What You Get For Attending

A custom website - so you can take payments from the public!

A studio photoshoot or portrait session - so you can look like the star you are

A long form content piece - so we can cut it into a ton of content

Digital offer creation - so you can transform your unique business into a digital format

52 pieces of content - so you always have something to post

3 advertisements - so you can start advertising confidently

Completed sales funnel system - so you can make money while you sleep

A legal review - to answer any questions or concerns you may have

A digital communication training session - so you will always know how to get attention online

Business 101 training session - so you will have money coming in all the time



Follow our methods and you will get a digital sales system that makes you money online & makes the business owner look like a high value influencer. We will work with you until you make a sale from your system or we will refund your money back.

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