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Why Can't You Be ​Famous Too?

We are dedicated to helping influencers and ​business owners get known by creating reality ​shows and addicting content to more easily sell ​products and services while you build your brand.

Let's be real, the word "famous" is a little cheesy. ​But let's face it, you gotta be a little crazy to want to ​be a known person in the world today. So, if you're ​gonna be famous, you might as well make some ​money from it, right? At, we'll ​teach you how to use your new found attention ​online and pitch it to traditional TV networks and ​content partners while growing your business. So ​let's get a little crazy together and book a meeting ​with our team today!

At, we've spent over 15 years ​researching the top things well-known people do ​online to build their brands. We've broken it down ​into 25 step-by-step actions that we implement in ​our programs, and after 120 days, we'll have ​enough content to pitch your idea to major TV ​networks and content partners knowing they will ​love what they see. Let us help you tell your story, ​get known, and sell your products and services.

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These aren't online courses, these are hands on ​programs that our entire team will be working with ​you day and night to make your dreams a reality.

Disclaimer: We have to warn you ​that becoming rich and famous is no ​easy feat. Don't let the thought of ​paparazzi and private jets cloud your ​judgment. It takes time, effort, and a ​whole lot of investment to build a ​valuable brand online & in real life. ​But if you're ready to roll up your ​sleeves, we're here to help.

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The Starmaker program was created for those ​who aspire to fame and want to maximize their ​online presence. By utilizing a unique blend of ​science-driven principles and engaging content, ​we help you monetize your brand in a ​streamlined way. Whether you want to run a ​successful business on your own or partner with ​major networks, the Starmaker program can ​help you achieve your goals and become the ​next big thing.

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The Fame Factory program is the ultimate ​solution for brands and individuals who have ​achieved success but want to take their online ​presence to the next level. With a dedicated ​video production team and comprehensive press ​strategy, this program is designed to help clients ​elevate their brand and capture the attention of ​their target audience. The program is the perfect ​solution for those who demand only the best in ​their pursuit of fame and fortune.

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At, we work with over 30 ​lenders to provide instant approval for financing ​options to help you achieve your business goals.

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